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Evolt 360 Body Scan

Benefits of Evolt 360 Body Scan

  • Provides realistic goals in establishing short and long-term health and fitness targets

  • Delivers and important message about the potential need to alter lifestyle choices

  • Allows allied health professionals to provide quality information intimately related to nutrition, exercise, training, and weight control

What Metrics Does The Evolt Take

  • Visceral & subcutaneous fat

  • Total body water

  • Bio age

  • Skeletal muscle mass

  • Bone mineral content

  • And much more..

Evolt Body scan options

  • Single scan with in-depth overview: $40

  • 5 Pack with in-depth overview: $190

  • 10 Pack with in-depth overview: $350


Luke is a fantastic personal trainer who has helped me achieve my full body strengthening and toning goals based on a thorough assessment of my weaknesses. I'm already seeing improvements in my physique, mental health and it has overall helped me gain confidence using the gym!

Grace Cooper

Couldn’t recommend Luke more, I’ve found his health and fitness knowledge amazing and really understands the mechanical side of training. I’m really interested in understanding the science behind it and he is happy to spend the time educating his clients. He’s also pushing me out of my comfort zone which is great as I would have never signed up to do a triathlon without his support.

Jim Fairhall-Dickie

Signed up with Luke to rebuild strength, fitness and stamina after a serious illness a few months ago. He’s great - the holistic exercise program is tailored to my needs and after only a few weeks I can feel the difference already. And loving all the extra advice on nutrition and general well-being. Highly recommended!

Claire Miller

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