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Reclaim Your Confidence: Your Journey to Health and Fitness Starts Here

Become part of the Odyssey Health & Fitness Coaching family in Crows Nest


What you get:

  • Dietary guidance and accountability to help fast track your results

  • 1x Evolt body scan & full movement screen with a tailored exercise use program designed to suit your age, injuries and health goals

  • 3x 45min 1-1 personal training sessions to kick start your fitness journey

Qualified Coaches

Our coaches have years of experience in different training methods and have various specialties.

Individual Approach

Every client of Odyssey Health & Fitness Coaching has a personalized program of training and nutrition.

Modern Fitness Equipment

We cooperate with leading fitness equipment suppliers to give you the superior results.

personal training

group classes

Evolt Body scan

Odyssey HFC Method to Results

Evolt Body Scan

The Evolt is a 60second body scan that gives us the important information on what specifically we need to focus on within the body. No more guess work.

Movement Assessment

A great way to assess any muscle imbalances and any potential limitations you may have with certain exercises

Goal Setting

We set realistic goals and targets based on your behaviour and lifestyle.

Personalised Training, Nutrition, Recovery Program

Everything we program for you is designed to endure the ups and downs of life. This way we always have the potential to achieve our goal no matter what life throws at us.

Our Coaches

Luke has 10+ years experience in the fitness industry. He specialises in working with females transition through menopause and helping males and females 40 years and older making simple changes to improve their overall health.

Sandy has been in the health industry for 5+ and has a wealth of knowledge.

2/385 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia


Luke is a fantastic personal trainer who has helped me achieve my full body strengthening and toning goals based on a thorough assessment of my weaknesses. I'm already seeing improvements in my physique, mental health and it has overall helped me gain confidence using the gym!

Grace Cooper

Couldn’t recommend Luke more, I’ve found his health and fitness knowledge amazing and really understands the mechanical side of training. I’m really interested in understanding the science behind it and he is happy to spend the time educating his clients. He’s also pushing me out of my comfort zone which is great as I would have never signed up to do a triathlon without his support.

Jim Fairhall-Dickie

Signed up with Luke to rebuild strength, fitness and stamina after a serious illness a few months ago. He’s great - the holistic exercise program is tailored to my needs and after only a few weeks I can feel the difference already. And loving all the extra advice on nutrition and general well-being. Highly recommended!

Claire Miller

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